By-Laws of the Anglican Society

Amended 4 April 2002

I NAME: The name of this Society shall be, The Anglican Society.

II PURPOSE: The purpose of The Anglican Society, which in the United States of America was established in the year 1932, shall be to promote and maintain the Catholic doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Episcopal Church in accordance with the principles and contents of the Book of Common Prayer. To pursue this purpose, The Anglican Society publishes a quarterly gazette, sponsors an annual public meeting and occasional conferences, and may also conduct other activities including the publication of pamphlets related to its purposes.

III OFFICERS: The officers shall be the President, the Vice-President, the Recording Secretary, the Membership/Subscription Secretary, the Treasurer, the Editor of The Anglican, and the Episcopal Patron, all of whom shall be elected in a public meeting of the Society at intervals of about four years as determined by the Executive Committee. In an emergency the President may, after consultation with the Episcopal Patron, make an interim appointment for any office that will last until the next public election. An officer may be removed by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee at a duly called meeting for failure of duty, unbecoming conduct, or public rejection of the Society's purpose, provided that public notice of this intent shall be given to the officer and committee at least two weeks in advance. Such officer may address the committee, but shall not vote regarding his or her own removal.

IV DUTIES OF OFFICERS: The President shall preside at the meetings of the Society and of the Executive Committee, execute the By-Laws of the Society and be responsible for their observance, and serve as the chief spokesperson for the Society. In the President's absence the Vice- President shall preside, and in a vacancy the same officer shall assume the duties of President until the next regularly scheduled meeting. The Recording Secretary shall give notice of all meetings of the Society and of the Executive Committee and shall keep minutes of such meetings, and shall conduct and preserve the correspondence of the Society. The Membership/Subscription Secretary shall solicit the annual dues and keep the membership/subscription lists up to date. The Treasurer shall deposit the annual dues and keep the accounts of the Society and report annually thereon in writing, as well as orally at every meeting of the Executive Committee. The Editor shall be responsible for the timely publication of The Anglican in accord with a schedule set by the Executive Committee. Final decisions on major questions of editorial policy and publication schedule shall rest with the President. The Episcopal Patron shall be a Bishop of the Episcopal Church and shall be responsible for promoting and guiding the Society's relations with the church at large, and shall offer advice when appropriate upon major questions confronting the Society.

V EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: There shall be an Executive Committee to consist of all the above officers as well as of at least five other members to be appointed by the President. The Executive Committee shall have power to act for the Society, a simple majority of those present being needed for decision and a secret ballot being taken whenever requested. The Executive Committee shall meet upon call of the President, but no less than three times a year. Unexcused absence from three consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee shall constitute grounds for dismissal by the President. Other Committees may be appointed at any time by the President. The Executive Committee may also from time to time, by unanimous vote of all members present at a duly called meeting, take a stand upon some current question that it believes is consonant with the Purpose of the Society, provided that such stand is communicated to the Society as a whole and is understood not to be binding upon the individual members.

VI MEETINGS: Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be called by the President and announced on the Society's website as well as by email to the members of the Executive Committee, and every such meeting shall be considered an open public meeting of the Society which any member may attend. At least once a year such meeting shall feature a program appropriate to the Purpose of the Society. If the President fails to call a public meeting or meeting of the Executive Committee in the space of an entire year, the President's term of office shall terminate and the Vice-President shall succeed to the Presidency and immediately call a meeting.

VII MEMBERSHIP: Any member of the Episcopal Church who is in sympathy with the Purpose of the Society shall be eligible for annual subscription to membership, which also includes one year's subscription to The Anglican, the quarterly publication of the Society. Members of other churches in sympathy with the Purpose of the Society may also join by permission of the Executive Committee. Membership in the Society shall be assumed to include subscription to the quarterly publication, unless membership or subscription is declined by the person in question.

VIII DUES AND FINANCE: Annual dues shall be set by the Executive Committee for each member and shall be used in part to pay for the cost of publication of The Anglican. The Society is tax-exempt under section 509A of the Internal Revenue Code of the government of the United States of America, and is thus eligible to receive tax-free contributions, its exemption letter being dated 4 January 1984 and its Internal Revenue Service ID exemption number being 22-2460678. The Executive Committee may also set dues for extended term and life memberships.

IX AMENDMENTS: These By-Laws may be amended at any meeting of the Society by a vote of two-thirds of those members present. Notices of proposed amendments shall be furnished to the President, and posted by the President in some appropriate way in advance of the date set for the next meeting.

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