Contents of The Anglican, April, AD MMV

The 32 pages of our latest issue contain the following features:

From the Editor Context and Content by Richard James Mammana Jr.
From the President
Common Prayer Shapes Our Belief by J. Robert Wright

The Habits of Pluralism and the Challenge of Communion by Ephraim Radner

Anglican Reading
Faith and Sincerity: Louis Auchincloss' Episcopalian Witness by Nicholas Birns

The Pastoral Anglican by John C. Bauerschmidt

Anglican Verse by John Donne
Reflections on John Donne's Poem "Upon the Annunciation and Passion Falling upon One Day" by Eugene K. Garber

Eucharistic Celebration in the Nativity Sermons of Lancelot Andrewes by Jeffrey Steel

Book Reviews

The Editor's Bookshelf by Richard James Mammana Jr.
Captured by the Crucified Reviewed by William Witt
Anglicans and Orthodox Reviewed by Benjamin Andersen

The Anglican Society