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The Pentecost edition of The Anglican is On Its Way...

posted Jul 5, 2013, 6:40 PM by Robert Solon Jr.

....and is being emailed out to all subscribers shortly.

This issue of The Anglican explores various issues and topics concerned directly with relationality and relationships, and getting them right:

• Dr. Nicholas Birns explores corporate relationships between The United Methodist Church and The Episcopal Church in “Expand Thy Wings, Celestial Dove: The Methodist Renaissance and Its Anglican Associations” and shows how it was the Methodists who really carried on the tradition of excellence in writing and poetry between the time of the Anglican Divines and the Oxford Movement.

• The Rev. Dr. C. Don Keyes completes his series of contributions to us with some ideas on the Blessed Virgin and her relationship to her Son, and to us as well, in “The Immaculate Conception and Time: A Critical Epistemology of Faith.”

• We also welcome Mr. Troy Elder, Esq., who in a timely analysis of natural-law ideas, both ancient and modern, explores the intersection of ethics, law, and theology in the context of marriage equality, in “Natural Law, Natural Rights, and Marriage Equality.”

• And Professor David Middleton offers a personal reflection about relationships that arise between good friends and colleagues in “John: An Anglican Meditation on Literary Gifts and Giving.”

And of course, our president’s message from the Rev. Canon J. Robert Wright and some poetry, both ancient and modern!

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