Links of Interest

Anglicans Online"An independent newsmagazine for the Anglican Communion.

Project Canterbury"a home on the Internet for Anglican texts.

The Anglican Bibliopole"established in 1979 to serve as a principal resource for out-of-print books on theology, liturgy, biography, devotion, music, history, and general scholarship of the Anglican churches and Communion.

Anglican Communion News Service"The official resource for news on things Anglican throughout the world.

Anglican Domain"This Anglican Domain web site is not official in any way. It is produced and sponsored by the Society of Archbishop Justus as a global resource.

Archives of the Episcopal Church, USA."responsible for the collection, management, and preservation of the records and archives of the national Episcopal Church.

The Book of Common Prayer Online, a collection edited by Charles Wohlers

Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Law in the Anglican Communion"A growing online library on the topic of the Canon Law of the Anglican Communion.

Daily Office"The full text from the 1979 BCP in English or Spanish, keyed for both Western and Orthodox calendars. [Rite II]

Daily Office"The full text from the 1979 BCP in English [Rite I]

The Episcopal Church"Official webpage"a website designed to inform and encourage those who support worldwide evangelism and discipleship in the name of Jesus Christ, particularly in the Anglican Communion.

The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church"The oldest Anglican seminary in the United States

Lancelot Andrewes Press
This is the publishing arm of the Fellowship of Saint Dunstan, a non-profit organization for the advancement of historic Christian orthodoxy, as expressed by the liturgical and devotional usages of traditional English Christianity (particularly as embodied in the texts of traditional editions of the Book of Common Prayer, the 1611 Authorised Version Bible, and related texts, commentaries, hymnals and chant books). Publications include reprints of works by John Mason Neale and Winfred Douglas.

Lux in Tenebris"A valuable Lutheran site.

Oremus"Prayer resources on the Internet

Cathedral Life International"Exploring the life of Anglican, Episcopal and United Cathedrals of the Anglican Communion across the world's National Capitals and beyond."

The Anglican Society