Back-Issues of The Anglican

A complete directory of back issues is being compiled.

The October, 2004 issue is available online in Adobe Acrobat format [597 kb].

The January, 2005 issue is available online in Adobe Acrobat format [965 kb].

The following is a selection of some of the contents contained in some back issues which the editorial office still has on hand. We are offering them for a minimum donation of $3 apiece, postpaid, while supplies last. Please request them of the President.

Autumn 1976. Editorials; "Liturgy and Worship in the 17th Century" by the Rev. Peter Chase; "The English Reformers and the Mass: A Reassessment" by C. E. Pocknee; book reviews.

Summer 1977. Editorials; "The Proposed Book of Common Prayer: An Approach" by the Rev. Peter Chase; "Unfolding the Mystery of Priesthood" by Helen D. Hobbs; "Women and the Apostolic Ministry' by V. E. Watson and W. M. Brett; "Christian Disunity: The Great East-West Schism' by C. E. Pocknee; book reviews.

Spring 1979. Editorial; "On the Celebration of the Eucharist" by Basil M. Minchin; "Belief, Doctrine and Anglican Liberalism" by J. D. Ousley; "A Reply to the Canadian Critique of the Ordinal" by William D. Loring; book reviews.

Summer 1979. Editorial; "Christ and the Church" by Brother Geoffrey, S.S.F.; "A Thousand Years of Bells'' by Brian Ashurst; "What on Earth Shall I Wear?" by the Rev. Peter Chase; "Liturgical Body Language" by the Rev. Robert B. Dunbar; book reviews.

Autumn 1979. Editorial; "Anglican Continuity in the Proposed Book of Common Prayer" by the Rev. Reginald H. Fuller; "The Bread of the Eucharist" by the Rev. Basil Minchin; book reviews.

Winter 1980. Editorial; "Look to the East" by John G. Moser; "Early Days of the Anglican Society in America" by Edward Randolph Welles; book reviews.

Spring 1981. Editorial; "The Nature of Anglicanism" by Reginald H. Fuller; "Christian Initiation" by Leonel L. Mitchell; book reviews.

Summer 1981. Editorial; "Steps Toward Revision of the Hymnal" by James Litton; "The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving" by Leonel L. Mitchell; book reviews.

Winter 1981. Editorial; "Christian Doctrine and Anglican Compromise" by J. Douglas Ousley; "Maundy Thursday at the General Seminary" by J. Robert Wright; book reviews.

Summer 1982. Editorial; "The Anglican Way" by James C. Fenhagen; "Liturgical Structure in Book I of Spenser's Faerie Queene" by Travis Du Priest; book reviews.

Fall 1982. Editorial; "The Monophysite Position in the Christological Controversies" by Richard P. McDonnell III; book reviews.

Winter 1982. Editorial; "Crisis in the Church of England" by Sir Angus Maude; "Service of Witness Sermon" by Lloyd G. Chattin; "W. H. Frere, C.R.—A Tribute"; book reviews.

Spring 1983. Editorial; "The Eucharistic Anamnesis" by Leonel L. Mitchell; "Huguenot and Anglican Worship: A Brief Overview by Travis Du Priest; William J. Butt—An Appreciation" by Lloyd C. Minter.

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