Welcome to the home page of The Anglican Society!

The purpose of the Anglican Society is to promote and maintain the Catholic doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Epsicopal Church in accordance with the principles and contents of the Book of Common Prayer. 

Membership in the Society is open to all interested persons through payment of annual dues, currently $15 annually ($18 foreign). You can use the secure Donations button to the left to enable your sponsorship.

In addition to publication of The Anglican, the Society sponsors occasional public lectures. All events are open to the public and will be announced in advance on the Anglican Society website.

Our recent public speakers have included the Rev. Andrew Kadel, Director of the Christoph Keller Jr. Library, on William Reed Huntington’s notes on the Book of Common Prayer (1878); and David Redden, vice chairman of Sotheby’s, on the Magna Carta.  

Back issues of The Anglican can be found here.  For questions about The Anglican, contact the editor, the Rev. Bill Loring: [email protected].

For more information about The Anglican Society, please peruse our website.